Leo Burnett Shops at Field’s

Leo Burnett’s decision to take on a local assignment for Dayton Hudson’s Marshall Field & Co. is part of its expanding interest in retail, not a change in new business strategy, the agency said.
Burnett, which has prided itself on a relatively limited roster of blue-chip clients, was assigned development of a brand advertising campaign solely for Marshall Field’s anchor store in downtown Chicago.
That campaign is expected to begin in the first quarter of l998 and rebuild the store’s connection to the city, the agency said. No budget was disclosed. Marshall Field handles most advertising in-house.
“It’s one project, but we hope it leads to a long-term relationship [with Marshall Field and Dayton Hudson],” said Jim Thompson, Burnett executive vice president and client service director. “Our relationship with Walt Disney began with an assignment, so it’s not a shift to be taking on a one-off [project]. We have been concentrating some on the retail [category].”
In June, Burnett was assigned a fall brand-building campaign for Service Merchandise in Nashville, Tenn. Thompson said Burnett has no immediate plans to create a retailing unit to handle its retail clients, including True Value Hardware and Hallmark Gold Crown stores, but said the creation of such a group would be “plausible.”
Burnett joins an extensive roster of agencies working with Dayton Hudson, including Martin/Williams, HMS Partners and Peterson Milla Hooks, all in Minneapolis.