More women may be encouraged to follow their dreams after viewing Toth Brand Imaging’s first campaign for Count Me In, a nonprofit that provides women with loans to start their

own businesses.

In the first pro bono execution, which is running in the January/February issue of Enterprising Women, a young professional is shown leaning back in her office chair, joyfully tossing papers into the air.

“A small business loan can be a really big deal,” copy reads. The tagline: “For women’s economic independence.”

“The system in place doesn’t take into account certain life experiences that women tend to bring into the business,” account director Kim Eveland said. A woman starting a catering company, for example, may have a hard time if she has no experience running a business, but Count Me In would recognize her experience in, say, cooking for her family.

The Concord, Mass., agency, in collaboration with Providence, R.I., media shop PGR Media, is seeking other publications, targeting women and men, to donate space, said Eveland.

More print ads, as well as a TV spot, are planned for the spring.