Lend An Ear To Midday Arias

StuartBacon, an advertising agency based in Fort Worth, Texas, is doing its best to enlighten the general public about opera.
As part of the shop’s “Lunch and Learn” series, agency officials have invited Fort Worth Opera general director Bill Walker to provide a brief history and basic overview of the musical drama.
An invitation to the event reassured attendees that even those with no clue about the high-brow art form will not feel left out. “Know more about Opie, okra and Oprah than opera?” reads the brochure. “If so, we’d like to help.”
The luncheon will be held July 17 at noon at StuartBacon’s office at 2918 Wingate St. According to the agency, “If you don’t know your mezzo from your mozzarella or your prima donna from your primavera, mark your calendar.”
By the way, StuartBacon promises that Walker will deliver his lecture in English.
–Glen Fest