LehmanMillet Taps New Business Director

BOSTON LehmanMillet has named Michael McCartin vice president of business development, the agency said.

“Anyone who is considering working with LehmanMillet is very well advised to speak to Michael, not just about their business challenges, which he would understand because he is a seasoned entrepreneur, but also about our agency culture and processes. He knows us very well,” said agency president Bruce Lehman, in a statement.

Prior to joining LehmanMillet, McCartin, 51, was vice president of marketing and sales at medical products company Hemedex, Cambridge, Mass., for five years.

“Unlike the pharmaceutical industry, which has huge sales forces and plenty of marketing and advertising dollars to convince doctors to prescribe new medicines, medical device companies have more difficult challenges in changing physician practice patterns with significantly fewer human and financial resources,” said McCartin.

Independent LehmanMillet is a medical marketing services agency based in Boston.