Lehman Millet Bows Bayer Ads

Whimsical photos and outlandish headlines are the basis of a new global print effort for Bayer Diagnostics.
Created by Lehman Millet, the campaign represents the first major work from the Boston-based shop since winning the $3 million account in January. The tagline: “One decision. A lifetime of choices.”
Lehman Millet creative director Deborah Lotterman said the intent was to avoid the typical route of diagnostics industry ads, which tend to push individual product features.
“We wanted to shake up the industry and promote the product benefits for lab directors,” said Lotterman. “We really promote this fresh attitude of ‘We’re not going to bullshit you. We’re going to speak in a language that makes sense.’ ”
The campaign, running in trade publications such as CAP Today, Clinical Lab Products, MLO and Clinical Chemistry, consists of three branding ads and four product executions for the company’s Advia line of laboratory testing equipment and services that can be used by two different scientific disciplines.
A product-specific execution shows two women and a dog against a bright-orange background. The women are dressed in identical floral-print dresses with hot-pink straw hats and white sunglasses, accessories also worn by the dog. The headline: “Transcends differences.”
The headline of one of the branding ads reads: “Unearths lost civilizations. Predicts the weather. Makes airline food taste good.” Body copy reads, “Really. Aren’t you tired of sorting through claims and features of new products?”
Lehman Millet first worked for Bayer Diagnostics on a project basis in 1995, when the shop created a print-based campaign, titled “Beauty and the Beast,” for the client’s Immuno 1 system. Lehman Millet was named agency of record in January after a review that included incumbent CRE Communications in Indianapolis.
Bayer Diagnostics is a division of Bayer Group, the pharmaceutical giant based in Leverkusen, Germany.