LEGUME LORE: Test Your Peanut IQ

True or false: A peanut is a nut. Sure, it sounds like a question on the order of ‘Who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb?,’ but peanuts actually are legumes, not nuts. That’s one of the fun facts you learn in testing your goober acumen against the multiple-choice game shown here. (Other answers: the fatty acid in peanuts is mainly mono-unsaturated, and an ounce of peanuts contains as much or more protein as an ounce of any of the other foods listed.) Planters cooked up the game, and an accompanying brochure, for a press kit sent out in conjunction with a drive by the National Peanut Council to make Americans more aware of the humble peanut’s nutritional benefits. (A consumer print ad offers other nitty-gritty nutritional data about peanuts.) Planters also has issued a bulletin detailing ‘The History of Peanuts,’ from which we learn that ‘terra cotta vases decorated with molded peanut forms and dating from 1200 to 1500 B.C. have been found in prehistoric Peruvian coastal communities.’ Peanuts became widely popular in this country during the Civil War, ‘when battles were fought in parts of the country where peanuts were grown.’ While peanuts remain the most popular ‘snack nut’ among U.S. consumers, the council acknowledges that competition from rivals in this snack category has cut into peanut consumption, which fell 3.2% last year.
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