LeBron James and Adriana Lima Tell Kids to Be Scientists, Not Celebrities in Verizon Spot

R/GA created the #weneedmore project

LeBron James thinks the world has enough basketball stars. Verizon
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Millions of young Americans want nothing more than to be the next LeBron James.

But the Cavs forward and frequent pitchman has a different message for kids: The world doesn’t really need more basketball stars. Drew Brees and Adriana Lima posit that the world doesn’t really need more quarterbacks or supermodels, either.

What does the world need more of, then? The answer, according to a new Verizon campaign set to launch during the first round of the Final Four this weekend, is more scientists, engineers, mathematicians and tech professionals.

The purpose of the campaign created by Verizon’s digital agency partner R/GA is to highlight the telecom giant’s Innovative Learning initiative, which funds STEM education programs at schools throughout the U.S.

“We made it our mission years ago to deliver the promise of the digital world; it’s part of our transition from a telecom company to a digital company,” Verizon chief marketing officer Diego Scotti told Adweek. “Not having access or knowing how to use [technology] today is like not knowing how to read or write 100 years ago.”

As to why Verizon is running an ad during the Final Four that doesn’t mention a single product, Scotti said, “We are in a category where whoever shouts loudest with the cheapest offer wins. But we want to make a point: our place in the world is also about [Verizon’s] values and its mission. This was a really important moment for us as a tech company, and connecting with this audience made a lot of sense.”

"Not having access or knowing how to use [technology] today is like not knowing how to read or write 100 years ago."
Verizon chief marketing officer Diego Scotti

In the lead-up to this campaign, Verizon asked kids in “underserviced” schools about their life goals—and an overwhelming number said they wanted to be celebrities. “The more we spoke with them,” said Scotti, “the more we understood that they think those are the only jobs that get the best part of the [current] economic situation.”

This making-of video illustrates his point.

To date, Verizon has not yet heavily promoted Innovative Learning—but the partnership now includes some 430 schools around America. Scotti frames it as part of his company’s larger efforts to emphasize its growing social responsibility as Verizon gains more power in the worlds of media, technology … and advertising. According to Scotti, the celebrities involved—each of whom have each partnered with the company in some respect before—volunteered their time for #weneedmore.

The campaign will continue by way of future spots featuring such stars as actress and singer Zendaya and NASCAR driver Joey Logano. Scotti said it aims to show the public “a side of the company and the brand that not a lot of people know.”

“How great would it be to ask these friends of ours to debunk the idea that you need to be a celebrity to succeed in life?” he asked. “Everything is very authentic.”

He did not, however, dispute the fact that a pro basketball career would almost certainly be very cool.


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