At Least We Can Enjoy Being Mad

No unpleasantness is now complete without people assigning blame for its occurrence. A rise in gas prices is no exception. In a Quinnipiac University poll, a majority of Americans put the onus on oil companies (35 percent) or on George W. Bush (23 percent), while 19 percent cited the oil-producing countries. Three percent blamed the drivers of gas-guzzling vehicles. Just 14 percent pointed to “normal supply and demand pressure.” Not much fun, after all, in blaming that.

People in households with income of $100,000-plus were much more likely than others to point to supply/demand pressures (26 percent), though a narrow plurality of this cohort blamed the oil companies (28 percent). Men were more likely than women to see the phenomenon as a matter of supply and demand (17 percent vs. 10 percent).

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