Learning Curve

“These kids are in trouble,” the voiceover says as images of cute children — who look incapable of any wrongdoing — appear onscreen.

The source of this trouble? Not drugs or stealing. “If they were, you’d do something about it right now,” the voiceover continues.

When their kids have trouble learning, however, nearly half of parents wait a year or more to get help, according to this PSA by Grey in New York, part of a new campaign from The Advertising Council and the Coordinated Campaign for Learning Disabilities.

“The primary idea was to not necessarily heighten awareness, but to make sure parents who see signs of learning disabilities act on them,” said Priscilla Natkins, evp, campaign management at the Ad Council.

In another spot, a girl repeatedly tries to write the word “puppy.” After getting help, though, she appears before a blackboard where she has written a few sentences about her puppy. As her teacher looks on, she breaks out into a smile.

In a similar third spot, a boy having trouble sounding out words also is shown smiling after he gets the help he needs to read aloud.

The campaign also includes radio, print and Web banners; radio and TV spots are also available in Spanish.