Leapnet Books Two New Sites

Leapnet, a Chicago-based i-shop, unveiled on Tuesday two travel-related launches: a European hotel booking Web site, found at andbook.com; and a custom Web-enabled booking engine for Cathay Pacific Airways, found at cathaypacific.com.

For andbook — a joint venture between Accor, the Forte Hotel Group and Hilton International — Leapnet partnered with Amadeus, a leading global distribution system and technology provider, to build a site that allows European travelers to obtain demographic information, review maps, check on worldwide hotel availability and reserve rooms. The site, published in French, English and German, also lets users continuously modify their selections through personalized accounts.

As for cathaypacific.com, Leapnet served as prime contractor, using an Amadeus tool to help create an engine giving customers access to fares and tickets purchases on Cathay Pacific’s flagship Web site. Additionally, users can now exchange ?Asia Miles? for tickets on the airline site. The booking engine is translated into three languages: English, Chinese and Japanese, with plans to add Korean shortly.

?Leapnet has been instrumental in developing the framework and interface for us to provide our online customers with services that were previously unavailable,? said Tehmton Cooper, Internet booking manager for Cathay Pacific. ?Leapnet?s back-end expertise and strategic thinking, particularly in the online travel sector, yielded a booking engine that best suits our customers? needs.?