In keeping with the spirit of client Platoon Fitness Training, the Goose agency has created a print campaign that begins with a gentle suggestion and ends with a stern order.
“Let Dr. Danny Dankowitz help you achieve the body of your dreams,” the ad reads. “Or get up off your lazy ass and do it your freakin’ self.”
The Philadelphia shop’s creative director, Kelly Simmons, said, “I anticipated having trouble from some publications because we’d be alienating part of their income base,” such as the many plastic surgeons who advertise in the Philadelphia area.
“But it’s just the opposite,” she said of sales representatives who have praised the ad, which breaks March 1 in such regional publications as Philadelphia magazine and The Philadelphia Inquirer.
The client offers a boot-camp/personal-training type of service, in which instructors travel in military-style vehicles to meet customers for outdoor calisthenics.
Not to worry, though. Simmons said they don’t actually yell.
–Kathleen Sampey