Leagas Jabs Corporate Culture

Leagas Delaney’s first campaign for software maker 2Bridge is taking the risky strategy of showing its target audience being hurt and humiliated.
Cable TV spots and print ads broke earlier this month on financial-oriented programs and in general business magazines. The $5-6 million image campaign–the first for the 2-year-old company–abandons typical business-to-business advertising, opting for a real-life look and irreverent humor. The ads were crafted by former Cliff Freeman & Partners art director Roger Camp, one of the creatives behind that agency’s award-winning work for Outpost.com.
“Our goal is to reach younger business executives who consider themselves mavericks and tend to be cynical about [conventional] business solutions,” said Sean Ehringer, agency partner.
The campaign is the San Francisco agency’s first foray into business-to-business advertising. The work takes a wicked swipe at corporate retreats where colleagues practice exercises to build trust and teamwork. The punch line is that despite the empowerment hype, teamwork fails.
“Those touchy-feely weekend retreats are expensive and common in corporate life. Some managers have become jaded about them,” said Ehringer. The shop saw them as ripe for satire and relevant to the client’s products, which help employees work together using the Internet.