Leader of the Pack

}Accepting a global leadership award from the UJA Federation of New York last week, Publicis’ Maurice Lévy was typically humble and gracious. Still, he managed to crack a few jokes.

Among the ad folks at the dinner, held at the posh Pierre Hotel, were Pat Fallon, Kevin Roberts, Bob Bloom and Tom Burrell. The contingent from Fallon, now part of Publicis, also included Alison Burns and Jamie Barrett, who managed to look comfortable in an Armani suit.

Saatchi & Saatchi, which also joined Publicis this year, had a second reason to be out in force: Bob Wheling of Procter & Gamble and Andrea Alstrup of Johnson & Johnson—both Saatchi clients—shared the Mac Dane Award for Humanitarian Excellence.

“I hope nobody will ask for a recount,” Lévy said of his award. Scanning the crowd, he spied his “challenging friends” Roberts and Fallon and thanked Bloom, Publicis’ U.S. chairman, for helping organize the event—wondering aloud if that’s why he didn’t “make his numbers.” Who knew the Frenchman could be so cruel?