Lava Lamps Push Position as Original In LS&B Campaign

Lindsay, Stone & Briggs appeals to a new generation to turn on Lava lamps in a $1 million campaign breaking in August magazines.

Haggerty Enterprises in Chicago makes the only motion lamp that bears the Lava name. LS&B, Madison, Wis., which was hired by Haggerty earlier this year, attempts to capitalize on that.

“The point is to build a brand that sets it apart from the knock-offs,” said Harvey Briggs, executive director of creative and innovation at the shop. “To be cool you have to be authentic.”

The media buy includes Rolling Stone, 18 and Teen People. Ads use various headlines, including “Packed with a full days’ supply of freaky,” along with a humorous legal disclaimer making it clear the Haggerty brand is the only real Lava lamp.