Launch Creates First Television Push for eatZi’s

Launch Partnership this week introduces its first campaign for gourmet takeout chain eatZi’s Market and Bakery.

Featuring “It’s always time to eatZi’s” as a tagline, the effort focuses not so much on gaining new customers as encouraging the store’s already loyal devotees to visit even more frequently.

“Some people are just in an eatZi’s rut; they’re just picking them up for evening meals or getting a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast,” said Launch partner and creative director David Wilgus. “We wanted to get them to think of [eatZi’s] for other occasions.”

The first-ever broadcast advertising for the Dallas-based company depicts its target market—hardworking professionals—along with delectable beauty shots of the food offerings.

In one television spot, the camera pans over the food and a kissing couple as a voice-over queries, “What do you get when you cross a perfectly blended brie, a crusty French baguette and an oaky merlot with two people in love but hardly ever in the same house?”

The answer: “None of ourbusiness.”

In another commercial, a junior executive chooses to impress his boss by buying him a special cake. A third ad shows an exhausted woman in a business suit perk up when her microwave produces a reheated eatZi’s meal.

The agency’s total of four 15-second spots begins airing later this fall on spot television in Houston, Atlanta and Washington, D.C.

Print breaks this week. Radio, outdoor and direct mail are also part of the media mix.

Launch Partnership, a division of Temerlin McClain in Irving, Texas, gained the account last year via its business with home delivery service GroceryWorks, for whom eatZi’s was a supplier.

“It was love at first sight,” said Launch partner Michael Boone. “Since we were such huge eatZi’s fans, we knew we could do really great work for them.”