Latitude To Fight Skin Cancer

Medical Gear Supplier Signs Richards Unit
DALLAS–The Richards Group’s Latitude affiliate here has picked up marketing duties for Skin Imaging Centers of America without a review.
Skin Imaging Centers–the new name for Dallas-based medical equipment supplier Day Surgical Inc.–has contracted Latitude to promote an early detection system for malignant melanoma.
Latitude principal Stuart Hayashi said the assignment was made partly because the client knew of his shop’s work in the category for Baylor Health Care System.
Hayashi said Skin Imaging Centers president Scott Day is raising capital and plans to back 1999 marketing programs with $5 million. Day could not be reached at press time. Another Richards Group affiliate–Richards/Gravelle–is handling a public relations component.
Latitude’s initial tasks include print trade ads and direct marketing programs aimed at dermatologists nationwide. A second phase will involve consumer advertising.
Skin Imaging Centers, which has the exclusive North American rights to a new non-invasive instrument that aids in the early detection of skin cancers, plans to offer the service through 200 dermatologists within the next year.
Latitude has already branded the procedure melanomography. The process gives physicians a magnified digital image to better determine whether pigmented skin lesions and moles are benign or malignant.
Hayashi said the product’s rollout is timely since the incidence rate for malignant melanoma is increasing more rapidly than any other form of cancer in the U.S.