LatinWorks Creates ‘Catfight’ for Brewer

DALLAS Miller Brewing Co. debuted a new Miller Lite Hispanic television spot from LatinWorks at its annual wholesalers convention in Las Vegas this week.

In the 30-second commercial from the Austin, Texas, agency, two women watching a soccer game start arguing over the classic Miller debate of “tastes great” versus “less filling.” They begin to fight, fall through the stands and end up on the field, where a soccer player stops and smiles. Back in a bar, guys are talking about what a great commercial the scene would make.

The spot, part of Miller’s “storytelling” campaign, is similar to new general-market advertising from Ogilvy & Mather in New York and Chicago. In that work, two women take their battle into a hotel room, where Pamela Anderson appears and the three begin a drawn out pillow fight.

In another spot for the Milwaukee brewer, the girls’ fight is stopped as the guy telling the story suggests, “What about this.” The next shot shows him battling with one of the females. He smiles as she bashes his head close to her breasts. In a different ad, the same storyteller says, “I’ve been nasty” as he gets spanked in a pool by one of the women.

Earlier general-market “catfight” spots have garnered controversy from critics like Christine O’Donnell, founder and president of Savior’s Alliance for Lifting the Truth, who said the executions “[show] that all men want nasty, slutty girls.”

LatinWorks’ spot breaks next week on Fox Sports en Espanol, Galavision, Telemundo, TeleFutura, Univision and Azteca America.