Latino Network Solicits Advertisers

CHICAGO New cable television network Expresion has begun selling advertising against its intended audience of younger Hispanic professionals.

The Expresion Media Group, Chicago, plans to launch the network in May 2003. The national cable network will offer a combination of original programming, independent films and music features for Hispanics ages 18-49, network executives said. Programming will be multicultural and multilingual.

One original program, Lincoln Park, tells the story of six friends living under one roof that strive to find a balance between their Latin roots and their home in a yuppie Chicago neighborhood.

The network’s purpose is to bridge the world of professional Hispanics in real-day American life and their cultural heritage.

“Our viewers account for over 80 percent of the spending power of the Hispanic community,” said Expresion general manager Daniel Pomerantz in a statement. “They’re really the driving force behind the growth we’re all seeing in the Hispanic market, but Hispanic media still vastly under-targets this demographic.”

Expression will offer coordination with programming producers to provide advertisers with product placements and celebrity endorsements.