A Sexbot Hacked the Late David Carr’s Twitter, Underscoring Our Digital Vulnerability After Death

The account was quickly restored

One of the truly new things born from the social media age involves "digital death." People who pass away leave behind Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and their friends and families can visit such pages as if they are virtual gravesites. 

Though some visitors may not have grief in mind. With celebrities—or in today's example, well-known journalists—what happens after death on social can be at the mercy of web hackers. And that's what happened this morning, unfortunately, with David Carr, the popular New York Times media columnist who passed away in 2015

Carr's Twitter account was taken over by a sexbot named Miranda Davis. Twitter's tech team was able to fix the situation within the course of an hour or so. 

The tech fix came after many of Carr's 453,000 followers on the social platform reacted with tweets about the development, and they represented a mix of disbelief, disgust and humor. Carr would have probably appreciated their timely declarations.