larry loves those nails

What would Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird and singer Aretha Franklin be if they were not celebrities? asks TBWA/Chiat/Day’s latest work for Prodigy Internet.
In the ads, Bird works at a hardware store and Franklin is a hospital nurse, but their talents appear even in those areas. While paging a doctor, Franklin sings the doctor’s name. And while tossing a ball of paper into a wastebasket, Bird reveals his velvet touch.
The strategy positions the Internet provider as the key to unlocking people’s potential.
The tagline: “Are you a Prodigy?”
The New York shop hopes to produce more spots in the same vein. Other possible stars include Quentin Tarantino and Steffi Graf.
Prior ads took swipes at America Online, urging consumers to dial a toll-free number to subscribe. Prodigy’s last image effort was tagged, “So you can spend less time online and more time on life.” Prodigy typically spends $8-11 million on ad media annually; it is expected to double spending behind the new ads, which break this week. –Andrew McMain