Lance Armstrong, Thor, and Some Nazis Get Their Trailers Mashed [Video]

The Armstrong Lie, Ass Backwards and The Book Thief are among this week's new releases

Since the Marvel comics movies backlash shows no sign of beginning, multiplex filler of the week is yet another superhero sequel from Kevin Fiege. This time it's Thor 2, or rather, as the core fan base of 11-year-old boys would have it, Loki 2. (The Avengers, of course.) Genre movie back up team member Christopher Ecclestone represents some sort of ancient orc-a-like with a grudge against Norse Gods thereby forcing Thor and Loki into close cooperation.

A marginally more believable superhero, Lance Armstrong's secret sauce turned out to be exactly that and in The Armstrong Lie his fall from grace is played out in the documentary equivalent of real time. What began as a tribute piece turns into a threnody of deceit and self-delusion, like an early '70s superhero movie might have been. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving fellow as the clips here yet again seem to show. 

Ass Backwards is the return of Alicia Silverstone in what is apparently a remake of Michelle and Romy's High School Reunion. Since using that title would be too obvious the filmmakers evidently chose theirs from a shelf of spares where it must have been waiting years for someone to pick it up.

People of a Feather is evidently the Inuit documentary the world has been waiting for since Robert Flaherty lit out for the territories in 1922 and came home with Nanook of the North. Looks cold mostly, but not as cold as it once was thanks to the usual suspects.

Until now, as the voice over so elegantly expresses it, "I never knew the meaning of the word hope," but all is not lost, evil Nazis are finally back on the big screen again. So let's give a big "Achtung Schweinhund!" for The Book Thief, the lovingly-recreated movie version of the much-loved book about a little girl and her SS officers.