Lakers’ Fisher Joins FRS ‘Healthy Energy’ Team

Derek Fisher is the latest athlete to join The FRS Company’s “Healthy Energy” team.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ starting guard, who will play the Orlando Magic in the upcoming National Basketball Association finals, joins Lance Armstrong and Brooke Hanson in promoting FRS’ energy-boosting products. (Armstrong also sits on the board of directors for FRS, which stands for Free Radical Scavenger.)

Fisher will be appearing in FRS’ marketing and ad campaigns, as well as work as an advisor on the company’s sports marketing efforts. In April, FRS debuted a $30-plus million ad campaign entitled “Be more.” Hybrid Design is the agency.

“I am excited about my new relationship with The FRS Company,” said Fisher in a statement. “As an authentic user of their products for several years now, I have seen the effects of what using FRS has had on and off the court.”

FRS Healthy Energy products contain quercetin, an antioxidant that is said to boost the immune system and increase energy and fitness levels. It comes in cans, concentrates, powdered mixes and chews. The company claims sales of FRS products grew 275 percent in 2008.