Laidlaw Talks Horse Sense for Equinect

BOSTON The Laidlaw Group has unveiled promotional work for Equinect, a company providing seminars, workshops and clinics for equestrian enthusiasts.

A video from the Boston shop was filmed on the verdant grounds of the Orchard Hill Equestrian Center in Berlin, Mass., a premier breeding facility for imported Irish horses. The video focuses on the close connection between horse and rider and the passion riders feel for the sport. The program is designed for distribution within the industry. Cindy Laidlaw served as creative director; Beth Timledge wrote the copy and Shawn Scott and Neal Connolly handled art direction. Dave Bettencort directed.

Laidlaw was tapped last September for the low six-figure Equinect account and has been working on a range of image-building materials, which in addition to the video include collateral, print and online executions.

Agency president Laidlaw is an avid rider; her shop has done well in the luxury niche, developing ads for Rangine’s Rakks high-end shelving and furniture importer Water & Fire along with its efforts for Equinect.