Laidlaw Crafts First Work for Rangine’s Rakks

Laidlaw Group has crafted print ads that attempt to cast Rakk high-end shelving “in supporting roles everywhere.”

The work shows the shelves, manufactured by Rangine of Millis, Mass., in a variety of stylish settings. One ad, with the headline “Supporting the arts,” shows a bright, ultra-modern room in the New York Museum of Modern Art’s design store. A delicately rounded easy chair and matching foot stool sit amid Rakk pole-mounted shelving that supports sleek clocks and various abstract objects. “We play a supporting role in the finest retail environments,” the text begins.

Another execution promises “Strong economic support,” depicting Rakk shelf brackets on recessed standards at the International Monetary Fund bookstore in Washington, D.C.

The goal of the campaign is to position Rakk as a top choice for architects and designers intending to create dramatic effects with interior design, said Cindy Laidlaw, president of the Boston agency.

The six-figure effort also includes collateral elements. It marks Laidlaw’s first work for the client; ads are scheduled to run through the summer.

The media buy, handled in-house by the client, includes placements in Metropolis, Design Journal and Architectural Record.

Bob Murphy and Shelley Buber wrote the copy, with Buber also overseeing art direction. Peter Aaron, Geoffrey Hodgdon and Al Teufen handled photography.