Lady Gaga Attempts to Make Polaroid Cool Again

Can Lady Gaga turn around Polaroid? William Morris Endeavor co-chief Ari Emanuel thinks so.
Emanuel has struck an unusual partnership with Gordon Brothers Group, a Boston-based investment firm that restructures distressed assets, to resuscitate faded brands like Polaroid. The camera manufacturer tapped the outlandish WME Entertainment client as its creative director.

At the Consumer Electronics Show last month, Lady Gaga and Polaroid debuted her new Grey Label line. It includes products such as goggle-shaped camera glasses that function as a wearable camera, can be loaded with video and enables real-time photo sharing.
Emanuel said, “Polaroid is our proof of concept,” in formalizing the working relationship with Gordon Brothers, which was part of a joint venture group that bought Polaroid at a bankruptcy auction in April 2009.

Polaroid said Lady Gaga worked closely with design firm Ammunition LLC in relaunching the brand with products for a generation of consumers having scant memory of the company’s roots in instant film technology. Lady Gaga initially came up with the camera glasses idea and WME brought it to Polaroid, per sources.

WME and Gordon Brothers said they are now evaluating other brand acquisitions, while initiating discussions with stars to become involved with them.
Gordon Group’s other current investments are Linens ‘n Things and Sharper Image. Past investments include Casual Corner and Bombay furnishings.