La-Z-Boy Targets Young Women

La-Z-Boy continues efforts to establish itself as a contemporary and stylish furniture retailer in a new TV campaign from Doner that targets young women.

The work for Monroe, Mich.-based La-Z-Boy is a departure from Doner’s past several TV efforts, which employed talking raccoons. Each of the dozen 15-second spots from the Southfield, Mich.-based agency features a different piece of furniture upholstered in a unique way. Voiceover is from actress Courtney Thorne-Smith.

The spots feature the new logo and tagline introduced in a print campaign last fall: “The new look of comfort.” Instead of the typical lifestyle scenarios, the furniture is the star of the spots. It is first shown in an unusual location, with that scene followed by a shot on a clean white soundstage. One spot opens with jungle music playing, and paw prints leading up to the Catalina sofa. The voiceover states, “Your other furniture will fear for its life.”

The strategy behind the campaign is to focus entirely on the style of the product, said Alan Kalter, Doner’s CEO.

“The La-Z-Boy brand is already well-known” and its quality is already established, he said.

The ads target a “younger female” audience, Kalter said, with the aim of expanding the company’s customer base, which includes a large number of older men. Spots break July 16 on the Home & Garden network and later rollouts on broadcast channels.

La-Z-Boy spent $50 million in 2000 and is on a similar course this year, per CMR.