This L.A. Agency Has a Sharp Eye for Celebrity Branding … and Icelandic Art

In 2011, three Hollywood media veterans joined forces to start a social agency. Disney exec Oliver Luckett, WME’s Ari Emanuel (who served as inspiration for Ari Gold in HBO’s Entourage) and Sean Parker of Napster, Spotify and Facebook founded theAudience to help Hollywood celebrities expand their reach through social media. It soon grew and shifted focus toward aligning social media stars with brands like American Express, Calvin Klein and Heineken. While social agencies are typically thought of as dressed down and maybe even a little sloppy, CEO Luckett has an eye—and soul—for aesthetics and has filled the Los Angeles office with meaningful and sophisticated works of art. “I think of the art in the office as a peek inside my brain on the walls,” he said. “I am solely interested in art that moves me and not interested in it as an investment.”


Icelandic Art

Art lining the hallways is mainly from Icelandic artists. "I love bringing the beauty of Iceland into the space," said Luckett. "It’s a humanist home for creativity and inspires us."


Digital Bonfire

The sculpture is a digital bonfire given to Luckett by an anonymous artist.


‘We Never Die’

“I fell in love with the Cyrcle art collective and bought almost all their pieces,” said Luckett. “The skull is made of artificial flowers and uses their tagline, “‘We never die.’”

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