‘L-i-t-e’ Is Right for CP+B, Miller

NEW YORK Miller Brewing has begun airing the second of three “creative episodes” in a new campaign for Miller Lite. Entitled “BBQ,” the work is from MDC Partners’ Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami.

The commercial shows a young man who tells the story of how he once accidentally consumed a light beer that wasn’t Miller Lite. After taking a sip, he immediately notices the beer’s watery taste. A closer look reveals that the word “Light” is spelled correctly.

The spot closes with this warning: “Before you drink a light beer, check the label. If you see ‘g-h-t,’ you’re not getting a Miller. L-i-t-e.”

“It’s a return to putting focus back on beer itself and making sure we re-communicate the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ Miller is better than other beers,” said Pete Marino, a client representative.

Previously, Miller has been running the campaign “Man Laws,” in which male celebrities debated various rules associated with being a man. That campaign “is in the parking lot” and expected to return later this year, said Marino. “A natural time line would be the start of football season.”

The new work is scheduled to run for about 10 weeks. There is no print or interactive or out of home scheduled at this time, said Paul Keister, cd at CP+B.

The third spot in the series will focus on a woman who makes the mistake of drinking a non-Miller Lite beer. The main character in the first two spots was a man.

“A woman is sitting with friends and about to take a sip of a light beer, when a heroic figure swoops in and stops her in the nick of time,” said Keister. “It’s very testimonial driven.”