KSV Seeks to Dispel Myths

BOSTON Be cool, don’t smoke. That’s the gist of Kelliher Samets Volk’s latest anti-smoking ads for the Vermont Department of Public Health.

This salvo aims to dispel “myths” associated with teens and smoking and to address the misperception that many teenagers in Vermont smoke, the agency said.

TV and radio spots feature real teens talking about reasons not to smoke; they attempt to drive home the point that eight out of 10 Vermont teens don’t smoke and feel no reason to start. “You need to be yourself to be cool. You don’t need cigarettes,” says a teen in one TV spot, encapsulating the overall theme of the campaign. His peers concur, sharing their thoughts as hip-hop music plays in the background.

A Web site, www.8outof10.com, is also in the mix. The target audience, for the most part, consists of “tweens” ages 10-13, as well as teens in general. Ads will air through April.

Bill Drew served as creative director on the effort for the Burlington, Vt., agency, working with copywriter Mike Hannigan and art director Seth Drury.