KSV To Promote Earth-Friendly Packaged Goods

KSV is creating a multi-media campaign for Seventh Generation, a maker of environmentally safe household products.
In addition to radio spots and billboards, the effort will include point-of-purchase materials and a public relations component. Overall, the client will spend about $2 million on advertising, according to agency official Yoram Samets.
The Burlington, Vt.-based shop is in the process of developing the test market campaign, which will roll out in Boston on Earth Day, April 22.
The campaign marks the client’s first large-scale promotional effort since it was founded 10 years ago, Samets said. KSV is Seventh Generation’s first agency of record.
Ads will focus on the dangers of dioxin, a cancer-causing contaminant released when chlorine is used to bleach new or recycled paper. Seventh Generation is one of the country’s largest manufacturers of chlorine-free paper products. In addition, the Burlington, Vt.-based company manufactures earth-friendly trash bags, bathroom tissue, baby wipes, cleaners and lightbulbs.
“We’ve taken a strong activist stance in all of the materials we’ve created for Seventh Generation,” said Samets. “We’re helping to educate the public regarding the dangers of dioxin, which helps to drive consumers to environmentally healthy products . . . [from] Seventh Generation.”
The client’s existing positioning line, “Products for a safe planet,” will likely be replaced. However, the copy for upcoming ads will continue to reiterate Seventh Generation’s philosophy, adapted from an Iroquois proverb that states, “In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.”
Media buying palns are also in the development stage, but because Seventh Generation markets its products nationwide–mainly in whole foods stores and grocery chains–it is expected that the campaign will eventually be national in scope, according to Samets.