KSV Launches 2 Campaigns

Kelliher Samets Volk this week launched separate print campaigns for Timberpeg and Basin Harbor Club.

Combined, the two clients are spending in excess of $1 million through KSV.

The Timberpeg ads are tagged “The Artisans of Post & Beam.” The Burlington, Vt., agency has been working with the company for 10 years.

One ad shows a small boy building a sand castle that looks remarkably like a luxurious house. The copy on the ad reads, “Timberpeg owners start dreaming early.”

Timberpeg was attempting “to make ourselves distinctive, instead of being one of the bunch,” said Richard Neroni, president of the Claremont, N.H., company.

The target audience is people aged 45 years and older, with an annual income of $125,000 or more, who live in suburban areas.

“We found out that it’s mostly males who end up building houses,” said Bill Drew, associate creative director at KSV. A home-builder is usually the kind of person who makes things happen and who has a vision for the future, according to Drew.

“The ads try to acknowledge that [Timberpeg] is the one company that can bring dreams to life.”

The campaign consists of three print ads appearing in a variety of publications, including Metropolitan Home, The New Yorker, Architectural Digest and a selection of building trade publications.

KSV has also created a series of ads for the Basin Harbor Club, a family-oriented resort based in Vergennes, Vt. KSV has been working with the company for the past 20 years. “We did some research on what people liked about our property; the ads reflect what people said they liked,” said Pennie Beach, fourth generation host at Basin Harbor Club.

The ads, which were crafted to resemble postage stamps, stress the resort’s classic charm and position Basin Harbor as an escape from modern conveniences, such as television. One effort shows the silhouette of a family fishing. The copy reads, “3 hours and no bites. But you did catch a sunset.” The campaign will appear in Travel & Leisure and The New York Times Sunday Magazine and elsewhere.