KSV Campaign ‘Melts’ Slopes For Ski Client

Not content with showing people shushing down powdery slopes, KSV has crafted a titillating ad campaign for Kastle Skis.
The small-space print effort, which recently broke in ski industry trade publications, includes suggestive ads that feature headlines such as “Pleasure yourself,” “Make us scream” and “Mount us.”
The executions do not reveal the client’s name; instead, they entice consumers to call a toll-free phone line for “erotic” descriptions of the company’s products. Phone messages continue the titillation, as a breathy female voice introduces touch-tone options with racy headings.
Each option goes on to describe Kastle products in hot-and-heavy fashion. For example: “Long, hard and fast. Its really the only way to do it, don’t you think? And when someone straps on Kastle [skis] . . . that’s how they’ll be going down the mountain,” one entry begins.
Bill Drew wrote the copy for both the print executions and the phone messages. Brian Billow handled art direction, and Yoram Samets served as creative director.
Samets described the campaign’s approach as an attempt to break the mold of conventional ski advertising and steer clear of category clichƒs, such as skiers racing down mountains and hanging out in lodges.
“The message the callers hear when they dial the toll-free number is the heart of the campaign,” Samets said. “The trick is seducing people into wanting to hear about Kastle.”
Targeting ski shop owners and employees, print ads have generated more than 500 calls since they broke a few weeks ago in ski industry publications such as Wintersports Business. So far, neither the agency nor the client has received a complaint, apparently because the ads mainly target “the macho world of ski bums and ski shop owners,” according to KSV representative Jamie Smith.
The Burlington, Vt.-based agency has worked for the client, a Bordentown, N.J., division of Bennetton, for the past three years.