Kruskopf Olson Wins Miracle Ear, Sonus

CHICAGO Hearing aid company Amplifon USA has awarded advertising duties on its Miracle Ear and Sonus brands to Kruskopf Olson after a review of undisclosed agencies, according to the shop.

“We are excited about this account because of the growing technology in the industry, as well as the huge market of baby boomers that will eventually need help with hearing loss,” said Bill Coontz, president of the independent Minneapolis agency, in a statement. “Hearing instruments need to be marketed differently than in the past, and have to overcome perceptions that exist.”

Miracle Ear was founded in Minnesota in 1948, and was acquired by Amplifon of Milan, Italy, in 1999. The company currently has more than 1,000 stores nationwide.

Billings for the client were undisclosed.