Kresser/Craig Homes In on USSB

SANTA MONICA, CALIF. – Kresser/Craig is the lone West Coast contender beaming up for Minneapolis-based USSB, a direct broadcast satellite company set to enter the multi-channel broadcast fray next year.
The agency is in the running for USSB’s ad account with Minneapolis agencies Fallon McElligott, CME-KHBB and Bozell. No definitive billings figure has been announced, though sources said the client has talked about spending as much as $40 million.
USSB is a sister to DirecTV, the 100-plus-channel DBS system Lintas:Campbell-Ewald/L.A. picked up last year. USSB, whose parent Hubbard Broadcasting is a partner with Hughes Communications in DirecTV, will broadcast from the same satellite that will make DirecTV possible. The systems, which will launch April 1, will be available to consumers who purchase a satellite dish priced under $700. The systems will compete with existing cable channels and with one another.
Hubbard Broadcasting chief Stanley Hubbard declined comment on the search. K/C became acquainted with the client as a contender for DirecTV last year.
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