Kreskin to Join Duck on Aflac

NEW YORK The Aflac ad campaign from the Kaplan Thaler Group has made a certain loudmouthed duck pretty famous. Now, the duck will have to share the spotlight with The Amazing Kreskin, who has signed to appear in new ads for in the first quarter, the company said.

The Columbus, Ohio, client is one of the largest sellers of supplemental health insurance in the United States.

In a statement, Kreskin said, “I am very honored that Aflac wanted me to be part of their award-winning advertising campaign. I am very anxious and excited to see the public’s reaction to the ads.”

Kreskin is renowned for such predictions as the outcome of the Presidential election of 2000, the troubles at Microsoft and the rise of Hillary Clinton. He has an international TV series, The Amazing World of Kreskin and a board game, Kreskin’s ESP Game. He is also an author.

Aflac isn’t his first foray into advertising. Kreskin also appeared in recent TV and radio commercials for the New Jersey Lottery.