Kraft Rings Up iPhone iFood Assistant

Kraft is one of the first packaged goods brands to create an application for the popular iPhone.

The food giant has unveiled iFood Assistant, a new service-oriented application, which offers a mix of recipes, user reviews and instructional cooking videos. The downloadable app is available on both Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch for 99 cents.

Kraft executives are touting iFood Assistant’s depth, as the application houses its own content rather than simply driving users to Kraft-branded Web sites. “People’s lives are becoming increasingly complex and they’re looking for relevant content and solutions to make their lives easier,” said Ed Kaczmarek, director of innovation, new services at Kraft.

Overall the app contains 7,000-plus Kraft-tested recipes, various corresponding shopping lists and nearby store recommendations, and iPhone-ready video demonstrations for on the go chefs. Plus, iFood Assistant features several content sections which are updated on a daily basis, such as Dinner Tonight and Recipe of the Day.

Kraft tapped Meredith Corporation’s subsidiary agency Genex to develop the new iPhone app, said company reps.