Want to wax nostalgic with a classic board game and win money as well? Kraft Foods has teamed with Hasbro, makers of the game of Life, for a promotion with prizes that include a Hawaiian vacation, free groceries forever, $250,000 for a new home and $1 million.

Players of the Kraft game of Life can win instantly from game pieces on specially marked Kraft food items—ranging from Post Cereal to Jell-O—or collect them on the same products. A game board will appear in newspapers nationwide on Sept. 10.

In New York this week, folks dressed as “peg people” from the original game will distribute game boards to passersby. The game can be played through June 2001.

“Both Kraft and Hasbro have a long-standing commitment to families,” said Kathy Knuth, director of corporate affairs for Kraft in Northfield, Ill.

Plus, of all the ways to win $1 million these days, the Kraft game of Life might be the least difficult, Knuth said. “It’s certainly easier than eating insects or answering obscure trivia questions.”