KozyHome Keeps D’Arcy Rolling

Online Furniture Retailer Is Shop’s Fifth Dot.Com Win in a Year
LOS ANGELES–D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles has landed online furniture retailer KozyHome.com’s advertising account and will break a multimedia test campaign for the startup in January.
KozyHome, Wilmington, Del., awarded its estimated $20 million account without a review.
“We had a contact through Terry Balagia, our creative director,” said Scott Anderholt, D’Arcy senior vice president, account group director.
“We saw no need to go through a protracted selection process,” KozyHome president and CEO Steve Kennard said in a statement.
KozyHome is the fifth dot.com client to choose D’Arcy’s Los Angeles office as its agency in the past year. The other four are GM BuyPower.com, Firstsource.com, bCandid.com and one company that was not disclosed. Billings from the five total an estimated $130 million.
KozyHome is due to break its first advertising in Atlanta, a city that is somewhat representative of other U.S. cities and has a high percentage of Internet users. The company also hopes to take advantage of the fact that the Super Bowl will be played in Atlanta at the end of January, Anderholt said.
The decision to launch in January instead of before the holiday season also hinged on media costs, he said.
The campaign will move into five to 10 additional markets over the subsequent six months before rolling out nationally, he said. Cities will be selected on the basis of demographics, levels of Internet usage and media costs.
Initial ad spending will be concentrated offline to drive traffic to the site. The campaign, which will target upscale baby boomers and Gen Xers, will have an online component and include sponsorship and promotional tie-ins both online and off, said Anderholt.
“Increasingly, these kinds of companies are every kind of company; they all have needs for deep strategic thinking, but they also need nimble execution capabilities,” said D’Arcy managing director Diane Krouse.