Kowloon Introduces eCoverage

Kowloon Wholesale Seafood Co.’s launch campaign for eCoverage.com highlights the people and services behind the online insurance provider’s technology.
The TV campaign broke June 8 in Chicago, and a national TV and print launch is set for July 17. Two spots shot from behind the desk of the dot-com’s “CEO” show workers barging in to declare their importance to the operation.
“We’re trying to show that there is a ‘there’ there,” said Dick Sittig, president of Kowloon, about the dot-com. “It’s not just software.”
Kowloon, Santa Monica, Calif., won the account last year on the strength of its offbeat work for Jack in the Box, Sittig said. Sources at the time estimated billings at $50 million. TBS Media Management, Los Angeles, handles media.
In one spot, a disgruntled “Helen from customer service” declares that her discipline is “the backbone of eCoverage” and then irreverently demands that “next time you get an interview, we’d appreciate a mention.” He assents.
A second spot has a field representative slogging into the office with muddy boots and unplugging the CEO’s computer. “When it’s pitch black and raining and a tree falls on your car, customers want me, the claims guy,” he says.
San Francisco-based eCoverage is backed by Softbank Technology Ventures and, with an underwriting partner, makes its point of difference being a full-service online quote company. K