Jack Black, Sarah Silverman and Will Arnett Channel SI’s Beloved ‘Football Phone’ Commercial

This Father's Day, it's time to upgrade to the "soccer ball phone"

The scary thing is that if Kovert Creative were to book TV air time and run this spoof commercial, orders would most likely start flying in.

The send-up is the bicoastal agency’s clever way of framing this week’s news that it has taken a stake in U.S. soccer publication Howler magazine. It’s also in keeping with the publication’s own cheeky approach to the subject matter. Check the archived links below for reminders of some great print footwork involving the long-gone Sepp Blatter.

And just in case you’ve forgotten or are too young to remember the 1980s original, that is below as well. When Rolling Stone revisited the topic a few years ago, they had some great anecdotal reminders of how a lunch-hour walk through Times Square by Martin Shampaine and the sight of a frog phone(!) in a store window helped spark the Sports Illustrated product.

As far as Fishbowl’s reaction to this particular bit of Kovert Creative, which includes a cameo by a very recognizable male soccer star, we say simply: Droooooooooooooll!

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