Kovel/Fuller Handed Ad Duties for RightPro.com

Although it was not even on the radar screen during the review, Kovel/Fuller has been picked to help launch a new Internet company that promises to help doctors, lawyers and other professionals attract new business or at least find out why they fail to do so.

The company, RightPro.com, is expected to spend up to $15 million on an image and branding effort that will rely primarily on print and spot radio buys.

The company’s vice president of marketing and business development, Norbert Tan, said he picked Kovel/Fuller based on the agency’s experience with dot-coms as well as his personal experience with one of its partners, Lee Kovel.

For his part, Kovel said his agency has enjoyed “huge success in this area,” and cited work it has done on such accounts as Kids Edge.com, Menus.com and job search site GrassIsGreener.com. He added that he took a shine to the Right Pro.com executives.

“These aren’t some green-visor-wearing accountant types. These guys have a real sense of humor,” said Kovel. “They liked our spec stuff. It was wild.”

Tan noted that he is a former “account guy from the agency side” who worked during the early 1990s with Kovel at Lee, Lord Dentsu & Partners. He said he was ultimately swayed by a presentation that demonstrated the agency’s ability to grasp the dot-com’s two-pronged marketing strategy.

“Even with limited information about us they did a great job,” said Tan. “We need to reach two targets: profes sionals like lawyers and doctors and consumers and businesses that use the services of the professionals.”

He added that the company’s service uses information culled from consumers to help professionals determine why they are or are not successful. For their part, consumers can use the reference service free of charge to locate prac titioners in 21 categories using specific criteria.