Korey Kay Wins Northeast Daewoo Review

Korey Kay & Partners here has won creative and media duties on Daewoo Motor America’s $10-12 million Northeastern account, beating finalists Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners, Mezzina/Brown and Charron, Schwartz & Partners.
Korey Kay grabbed the client’s attention in December by suggesting it launch a car into space as a stunt.
Korey Kay’s automotive experience, specifically its handling of the New York Tri-State Honda dealership account in the 1980s, may have been influential in the win, sources said.
“All we can say is Dae-WOW!,” said Korey Kay chairman Alan Kay in a statement issued by the Ridgefield, N.J., client.
“Of all the agencies we saw, we felt Korey Kay really understood our needs and the need to differentiate our products in a crowded marketplace,” Daewoo regional president Y.S. Kim said in the release.
Mezzina/Brown focused its presentation efforts on interactive marketing, believing that the budget would have the greatest impact if targeted toward media that reaches “early adopters” of consumer trends, sources said. It had hoped to win the interactive portion, if nothing else.
New York-based Mezzina/Brown’s proposed tagline was: “Daewoo. Get in.” The line was designed to target enthusiasts who would be willing to purchase a relatively unknown car in this country, the agency said.
Charron, Schwartz & Partners here developed two taglines intended for a regional and a national corporate campaign: “The genius of Daewoo” and “You gotta drive this car.” One CS&P ad used a multicultural cast of actors posing as engineers to show how Daewoo’s car parts are made from various places in the world. “Korean cars don’t have a very good reputation in this country,” an agency source said.
The Korey Kay selection completes Daewoo’s review process. Its other regional agencies are: The Leap Partnership, Chicago; Tausche Martin Lonsdorf, Atlanta; and Ground Zero, Santa Monica, Calif.