koenigsberg and the geCko

Headshot of Tim Nudd

Mention the Geico Insurance spokesgecko around Bill Koenigsberg and the fumes of competitive spirit begin to veritably wheeze out of him.

It all began when The Martin Agency went looking for a customer to star in a national radio spot. It didn’t have to look far. Martin’s media agency partner on the account, Horizon Media, had just the right “talent”: Koenigsberg, Horizon’s CEO and a Geico policyholder.

Geico thought it was a cool idea, and Koenigsberg and his testimonial have been starring on the airwaves nationwide ever since.

For the budding voice over star, it’s a win-win gig. “What better way to tell the client you understand the brand than to do an endorsement for them?” he asks rhetorically.

All the adulation may gone to the media maven’s head just a bit. For example, he’s now putting out the call that he’s available for other Horizon clients and prospective clients as well. And it goes further than that: “I’m looking to join the union,” he says. “You never know when another line of work will come in handy.”

Up next, though, is a possible showdown with the gecko. The radio spot apparently worked so well that Koenigsberg and his client are now in negotiations for a TV commercial. And while Koenigsberg doesn’t really have anything against the little green reptile, that would put the two in direct competition.

Could Koenigsberg prevail? Well, you know what they say in Hollywood about working with kids or animals.

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.