KNCF/Dave Dresses Savishopper

Agency Brings Sexes Together for Online Men’s Clothes Retailer
LOS ANGELES–Shopping on the Web just became a bit more revealing.
A new campaign for online men’s apparel merchant targets men, but doesn’t ignore women, who make a lot of men’s clothing decisions. The radio, outdoor and TV effort from Seattle’s KNCF/
Dave, goes “all the way” in trying to get women to notice, said agency co-creative director Kevin B. Nolan.
“We wanted people to look [at the TV spot] and notice it,” said Nolan. “Men want to look as good as they possibly can … [and] women surely are the key influencers.”
The 30-second TV spot opens with a shot of a woman seen through the window of a large apartment building. After glancing out the window, the woman proceeds to log on to on her laptop. As she orders merchandise, the camera turns to show a man in a neighboring apartment building.
The spot cuts to a view from inside the man’s apartment as he opens a package containing a white dress shirt. As he strips and puts it on, the woman watches through binoculars. The spot ends with the tagline in text across the screen: “Get dressed.”
The ad airs on local network and cable TV in the Seattle area, mostly on ESPN and other male-targeted programming, according to Nolan.
The outdoor ads, which also use the tag, depict a muscular, attractive man standing naked in the ocean.
Radio ads support the effort in the Seattle area, and feature voiceovers from famed Partridge Family child star and radio personality Danny Bonaduce.
KNCF/Dave, with approximately $15 million in billings and 20 staffers, plans to move to larger offices in the near future, Nolan said. K