Knape Print, Outdoor Plug DART Award

Dallas shop Knape enjoyed sharing a piece of the spotlight when Dallas Area Rapid Transit earned a top award from its trade association last week.
The American Public Transit Association in Washington, D.C., gave DART its Outstanding Achievement Award as Transit Agency of the Year, recognizing the system’s introduction of light rail service and expansion of commuter bus lines last year. Knape, DART’s agency for five years, created some quick-turn print and outdoor assignments in time for the award’s announcement last week.
Agency president Susan Knape said the agency takes pride in the fact the marketing work helped win the American Public Transit Association award as well as the Marketer of the Year honor from the Dallas-area chapter of the American Marketing Association.
“Absolutely, we do,” said Knape, “though we’re not the primary source in this. The primary sources are the people in DART who interact with the public every day.”
The agency developed a series of print and outdoor ads commemorating the award, as well as internal initiatives intended to boost morale for DART employees.
One newspaper ad touts DART’s association award in the headline, “It’s like the Academy Award for buses,” followed by copy such as “Or the Heisman Trophy for light rail. Or the Good Housekeeping Seal for HOV lanes.”
Susan Knape said DART has improved morale and service in the last several years. “They’ve become much more marketing driven,” she said. “The staffers themselves feel good, and they feel they are part of the [management] of DART.”
Knape created the advertising and promotional materials for the light rail launch last year. The number of light rail commuters has been more than DART anticipated, with the authority now considering proposals to speed up expansion efforts into North and East Dallas.