Kit Kat Drops Jingle

NEW YORK Steel workers groove like they are auditioning for Flashdance. A TV news team glides across its studio as if in a 1940s’ Busby Berkeley musical. And a buttoned-down executive break dances on his desk as he prepares for a client meeting. No, this is not The Twilight Zone.

The three 30-second spots are part of Kit Kat’s estimated $15 million campaign, which began running last Monday on network and cable stations. In “Factory,” “Newsroom” and “Office,” busy workers take a bite of the crispy, chocolate wafer and become entranced with “taking a break.” They spring into action with varying degrees of grace and agility before returning to their respective jobs.

Kit Kat’s ubiquitous, bouncy “Gimme a Break” refrain has been dropped in favor of a hard-driving synth-pop tune featuring the militaristic bark of men shouting, “Give me a break.”

This is the first time since the jingle was introduced in 1987 that it has not been used in a Kit Kat commercial, said John Staffen, ecd at DDB who created the spots and wrote the original song.

“It still has the ‘Gimme a Break’ equity in it, but is a bit of an update,” Staffen said.