Kirshenbaum Turns To God

God can be found in Queens, N.Y., according to a series of print ads and posters Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners has created for the North Presbyterian Church of Flushing.
The pro bono campaign is intended to increase the number of messages left on the church’s prayer request phone line.
Considering the weightiness of the topic, the ads have a light touch. Among the headlines: “Other help lines may have celebrity psychics, but hey, we’ve got God” and “Ever feel like God isn’t listening? (Maybe that’s because He’s usually talking to Eve).” Eve, a parishioner, is shown in the ad. The ads go on to say: “If you or anyone you know is sick, in trouble, mourning, or afraid, call.” The tagline is: “Call 718-445-0259 and we’ll pray for you.”
The church minister, Charles Robison, shot the photos. Robison is also a photographer and member of The Art Directors Club.
In February, he approached club president (and Kirshenbaum executive creative director) Bill Oberlander with the idea. The church now gets 10 to 15 calls each week.
–Andrew McMains