Kids TV Tie-in for Denny’s

Denny’s is looking for a grand slam performance on a tie-in with the children’s television series Wishbone when its promotion during the upcoming holiday season offers talking toy premiums starting in October.
With such toys considered the next wave of bean-filled collectibles, Denny’s is hoping the self-liquidating offer will reach beyond the million mark that the Spartanburg, S.C.-based chain hit last year with two versions of the lovable and literate PBS Jack Russell terrier.
Denny’s will begin offering the toys starting Oct. 14 at an estimated price of $2.99. Although Wishbone’s speaking words are not finalized, Denny’s said two likely candidates are: “Looking for a good adventure” and “Have you put your nose in a good book lately?” The property is distributed by Lyric Studios of Allen, Texas.
The promotion will take Denny’s through the end of the calendar year, when it will begin testing more additions to its children menu. The menu was overhauled last year with the introduction of Smiley Face Hot Cakes and Mini-Corn Dogs.
“We are looking to do a national rollout next year, so we will start to test a new kids menu that keeps the food the hero but focuses more on kid-specific finger food,” said Susan Schneider, director of promotions and community relations for the 1,200 unit chain.
Schneider said the chain is also looking at the addition of a “make your own sundae” station.
Print and television tags, via Lowe & Partners/SMS in New York, will help support the holiday push.

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