Kids, Try This At Home

Television commercials with croaking frogs and dolls driving cars are among those most liked by kids, according to a new survey by Campbell Mithun Esty’s KidCom kids marketing division.
In a phone survey of 800 children between the ages of 6 and 17, kids rated the Budweiser frogs and Nissan’s Barbie-spoof spot No. 1 and No. 3, respectively (with Pepsi sandwiched into the No. 2 spot). KidCom general manager Christine Fruechte said the ads appealed to the children’s sense of humor and creativity.
“Both feature a fun, memorable story that spins on humor, music and the use of novel characters,” she said.
Generally, the least favorite spots were considered “boring” or were “trying too hard to sell something,” the survey found.
“Kids aren’t attracted to the product message per se,” Fruechte said. “What they recall is the entertainment value of a particular commercial, and they may or may not have an affinity for the brand.”
–Aaron Baar