Kids Speak Up for Town and Country Buffets

CHICAGO Old Country Buffet and Home Town Buffet have launched a new TV campaign designed to bring in families during the current economic slump.

The spots from BBDO in Minneapolis use children as spokespeople and were shot largely unscripted, allowing the young actors to talk freely about what they like about Buffets Inc., the Minnesota company that operates under the names of Old Country Buffet, Home Town Buffet and Country Buffet.

In one spot, a girls says she gets “pizza and bsaghetthi.” Another girls says she can get “the opposite of what my brother gets,” to reinforce the fact that the restaurants have more than 90 menu selections.

The campaign includes six branding commercials and two promotional spots for “Barbecue Night.” The ads began airing in mid-April. Spending was not disclosed.

Media expenditures for all Buffets Inc. restaurants last year totaled $26 million, according to CMR.